This series will go over the complete design/development process from start to finish when building a Wordpress website for a client. We’ll start with the initial contract, discuss project discovery, site architect, design, prototype, development, testing, implementation, and on-going maintenance. A real deep dive in the entire business, creative and dev process for building a client website using Wordpress. This series of 4 courses is perfect for developers who are wanting to get into building marketing based Wordpress sites.  

Attendees are encourages to attend all 4 parts in order, however the sections are still valuble as stand alone sections if you can't make all 4.

Class 1: The Business Matters

This class will go over the initial project contract, discuss the discovery process and the project scope/timeline. This class will include a bonus segment on how to setup and utilize a Project Management System to help organize the overall project and keep things on track. While this class is not mandatory for the series, it’s highly recommended.

  • Setting up a project proposal

  • Sending a project agreement

  • Project discovery

  • Project Scope and Timeline

  • Invoicing the client

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