Note: This session is only for Pathways program participants.  You must be an active Pathways program participant and be signed into our website to RSVP.

Welcome new Pathways program members!

This is our kickoff session to Hacker Lab's Pathways program, our first onboarding in a series of monthly orientations. We're excited to get you launched into Hacker Lab before the holidays.

During this session we'll cover:
  • Program overview;
  • What we hope you get out of this, and what we hope to get out of this;
  • Answer any general program questions you have
  • Walk you through what supporting information we need from you
  • A general overview of Hacker Lab, who we are, and what we do
  • How to get access to our physical space
  • What supplemental classes we offer, and how to sign up for them
  • A Hacker Lab orientation session for new members
We look forward to seeing you there!

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Pathways Orientation
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