Workshop 2 of 6 in the new "How to Get Customers" workshop series. Learn about the series here.

(See where you fit in your customer’s world)


Have you ever been to an Expo or Trade show? Maybe even a Farmer’s Market? Did you notice how it seemed that all the customers, vendors, and other ‘industry’ players were in the same place at the same time?


Those events are great for giving us a big-picture view of our market, but they’re not always convenient to get to, especially if you’ve got a new product or service. Most of the time, you have to rely on risky assumptions or public data sets that only contain numbers.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the trade show experience from your laptop without having to spend the same time and money on it?


This class is going to teach you how to do that by showing you where to find the ‘digital breadcrumbs’ people leave behind on the internet. We’ll use free, open source tools that will reveal:


1 - Language customers use to describe their problems;


2 - Groups they belong to and who they listen to;


3 - What kind of information is available to them already;


4 - What their buying behavior says about what they’re willing to spend.

In this free workshop, we’ll show you how to quickly gather customer evidence. You’ll walk away with techniques that will allow you to understand how your market behaves online and how you can start interacting with them right away.


You’ll walk away with a process that you can use over and over to test out new business ideas in an afternoon. Printable worksheets here:



About the How to Get Customers Workshop Series (6 workshops)


All the books on starting businesses are awesome, but there’s one shortfall: they tell you what to do once you’ve got customers. They don’t tell you where to find them.


In the beginning, that whole ‘find customers’ task seems like any other, but if you’ve tried to do it, you’ve likely discovered that the ‘customer’ is an elusive creature. Engaging with a non-existent customer base is...well, not really a thing. It’s frustrating and can be a real threat to your momentum.


So where are you going to find the customers?


The bad news is that there is not a customer store where you can purchase an engaged audience.


The good news is that it’s not a mystery.


We have developed a simple process you can learn in 6 sessions that will help you identify your customers, pull meaningful data from them, and introduce your prototypes to them once you’ve established traction.


We’ve created a 6-part workshop series that will show you how to develop a customer base before launch.


In this course, you’ll learn how to:


- Know and get proof of who your customer is.

- See where you fit in your customer’s world.

- Create the right product or service offering for your customer.

- Make your product or service message engaging for your customer.

- Go to where your customer is.

- Create ads, write content, and structure websites that resonate with your customer.


You’ll walk away from this course with a framework you can practice over and over as you create new ideas and innovations. You’ll learn the expertise you need to build and develop customers at the same time. Plus, we’ll give you access to goodies like the slide decks and printable, downloadable worksheets.


You don’t have to have a formed business idea to take this workshop - as you progress through it, your customer will tell you what they want! Also, while it’s recommended that you attend all six workshop in the series, it’s not required.

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