What You'll Learn

What is a Laser Cutter? A laser cutter is a rapid prototyping machine that uses a CO2 laser beam for cutting and etching precise shapes out of wood, plastic and other rigid materials. Think of it as a printer, but with more firepower!

  • High-level overview of design software
  • Introduction to components of the laser cutter
  • Laser Safety, Rules, and Guidelines
  • Overview of materials
  • Preparing the machine for operation
  • Student design process
  • Vector versus raster files and why it matters
  • Laser cutter design considerations
  • Review errors and ways to prevent them
  • Laser cutting in practice
  • Positioning the laser and work piece
  • Navigating the laser cutter's user interface software
  • Begin cutting
  • Post-cut cleaning
  • Finishing techniques for wood pieces


  • Laser Cutting
  • Design Considerations
  • Safety
  • Finishing

Important Information

It is recommended that students have experience in using vector design software (AI, CorelDraw, CAD, Inkscape, etc.) prior to taking this class. Consider taking Vector Design for CorelDraw in addition to this class (before is preferred but after is okay).

Students should prepare for the class by bringing the following items: USB flash drive with min 500mb of open storage, laptop with Inkscape (free design software) or other vector design software already downloaded and set up.

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SAC-101: Intro to Laser Cutter
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