What You'll Learn

Whether you grab a bunch of pre-packaged flowers from the grocery store or pick your own from the garden, this course will help you become confident in creating a beautiful flower arrangement that will last!

This course will teach students basic floral design principles, including how to choose a vase, selecting quality flowers, proper cutting techniques, arranging tips, and flower care to make them last longer.

It will be a hands-on experience where each student will leave with a complete arrangement. The instructor will walk students through all the steps required to create a special bouquet.

This class is great for anyone who buys flowers, wants to impress their significant other, has a passion for interior design, or just likes flowers.


    • Proper techniques
    • Flower selection
    • Arranging principles
    • Flower care

    Important Information

    This class is for anyone wanting to make a beautiful flower arrangement!

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    SAC-100: Floral Headbands
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