SacInteractive is a monthly meetup where we discuss "all things web and mobile development" related. The topic rotates each month -- anything from AngularJS to Unity video game development and everything in between.

This Month

How do you go about learning new programming skills, or when do you take on an exciting project that pushes your boundaries as a designer or developer? To what degree do you rely on the pressure cooker of necessity? Where do you look for inspiration? What are the ingredients that make for a strong learning community? This conversation will be framed by a big picture overview of current educational models and their successes, their failures, and what inspires us to teach and learn.

For this talk, I want to try to tie two things I have been working on together. One of them is the art show at Axis and the generation for the work there, the other is my attempt to get a school for tech and design education going. Both are fraught with more questions than answers, and my hope is that the meeting can ultimately be an interactive discussion of ideas/experiences, framed by some of my recent explorations.

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