StartupSac Warm-Up Pitch is an opportunity for near-investment-ready startups in the Sacramento region to prepare for presenting to investors. Over the last 12 months, we've coached 24 startups and held four pitch events that featured an investor audience. Here's your chance to see the winning pitches! Our First place, Second place and Audience favorite companies will present in a special Warm-Up Pitch which is open to the general public. The audience will vote for the winning pitches. Refreshments will be provided.

Presenting Companies:

  • e-Handoff is an online, closed loop communication system for saving lives.

  • Egeria is democratizing public funding. Their platform streamlines public private partnerships and provides a single source of truth when it comes to government business.

  • Hoopmaps is a mobile app to find local pickup basketball games.

  • Japa delivers real-time parking availability to drivers and enhanced parking analytics to parking lot owners/management.

  • Humaxa improves employee engagement and retention with employee feedback technology talks, listens, gathers data, and kicks off activities that have the highest probability of improving engagement.

  • RePurpose Energy reuses electric vehicle batteries to store solar energy. By offering low-cost energy storage and reducing battery waste, it aims to enable the transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles.  

  • Tellus Title has designed a new approach to real estate utilizing Blockchain technology.

  • VertX Advertising is the intersection of advertising and health positive impact. They partner with public transit agencies and install their pathogen reducing standing passenger handles that are supported by advertising into city's fleet.

SAC-Special: Best of StartupSac Warm-Up Pitch
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