What we're about

Are you looking to turn a passion into a passive income stream via a Blog, Video Blog, online course or business?

Have a business that you want to market using Blogging, Instagram or Pinterest? Or, are you interested in creating an online course to market in a marketplace (Udemy, Skill Share, etc) or sell direct on your own (Teachable), then you are in the right place ma'friend!

In this Meetup, you'll learn from people who are already $ucceeding, the easiest way to get started, how to avoid mistakes, & join a supportive community to help you achieve your goals faster. At each Meetup you'll learn new skills, tools and techniques to fast-track your success! (And each Meetup builds upon the last, so watch the recordings below.)

This is a Masterclass, Bootcamp and Mastermind group all in one. Let's go!!!