Vector graphics software has a variety of applications ranging from design for print or web, to file creation for laser & vinyl cutters.

This class is aimed at beginners, and covers the basic use of CorelDRAW, a 2D vector design program with a focus towards design for Hacker Lab's laser & vinyl cutters. Though CorelDRAW is used here, skills gained are applicable to other 2D vector design programs (Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).

Students will learn basic tools and techniques of CorelDRAW, including but not limited to:

  • Drawing shapes
  • Combining objects
  • Morphing and augmenting designs

Important Information

If you want to use the Laser & Vinyl cutters at Hacker Lab but have no vector design experience, we strongly recommend you take this class prior to our laser cutter class, however it is not required.

What to Bring?

- Your laptop with you: There are a limited number of lab computers with the lab software available. However, you may bring your own laptop with the software already installed.

- Bring a flashdrive with some storage

-For PCs: Load a (Free for 30-days) trial copy of CorelDraw: Corel Draw Trial Download Page

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