The Progressive Game Jam (PGJ) is an 8 month game jam program entering it's 6th year with the Sacramento Developer Collective. The aim of the program is to take participants through the entire game development process and help people create and ship a game in a short timeframe.

Similar to a regular game jam, participants pitch their game ideas at the start, pitches are voted on, teams are created around the winning pitches, and then the teams make a game in the given timeframe.

This time around, PGJ is bringing on industry mentors and an executive producer to help participants along the way. These mentors will answer questions, give suggestions and guidance to the participants and the executive producer will work directly with the teams and their project leads to make sure their games are well organized and get completed on time.

In our second monthly meetup, we will be building our game dev teams to help create the 5 amazing games that were pitched at our Pitch Day. Come ready to join a team and hit the ground running with game development!

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