Dance your way to profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns without fancy funnels, elaborate artwork, or thousands in ad spend. 

Have you spent hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars are Facebook with little or no results? 

Have you watched endless YouTube videos and webinars from ad ‘gurus’ who show you advanced tactics and techniques that don’t seem to work for you? 

You’re not alone. There are thousands of marketers and small business owners who have “tried everything” with Facebook ads and have little to show for it, besides an outlandish credit card bill. Often, this is because they skipped the fundamentals and went straight to the ‘growth hacks’ that Facebook ads ‘gurus’ teach. 

In this class, we’re going to unleash a simple yet powerful framework for Facebook ads that works for everyone. The reason it works for everyone is that it’s not a detailed, tactical plan that’s unique to one business. Rather, it’s a foolproof framework rooted in digital marketing fundamentals—once you understand and master the framework, you can add on tactics to make it fit your goals. 

In this training you’ll learn: 

  • A bulletproof Business Manager setup so you can control your ad accounts

  • The ideal website and Facebook Pixel configuration so you can track your results and provide an excellent user experience

  • Proven targeting methodologies you can use to reach your potential customers

  • Ad creative best practices and how to tell a good ad from… a waste of money

  • Testing strategies to ensure long-term success

So who’s going to teach you all this?

Logan Mayville; grizzled Facebook ad veteran, entrepreneur, and fellow freelancer. Here’s his website:

Don’t mess about—this is free training with no sales pitch that’s designed to take you from Facebook ads beginner to an intermediate media buyer, which is usually plenty good enough to get you the results you’re after. 

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