This series will go over the complete design/development process from start to finish when building a Wordpress website for a client. We’ll start with the initial contract, discuss project discovery, site architect, design, prototype, development, testing, implementation, and on-going maintenance. A real deep dive in the entire business, creative and dev process for building a client website using Wordpress. This series of 4 courses is perfect for developers who are wanting to get into building marketing based Wordpress sites.  

Attendees are encourages to attend all 4 parts in order, however the sections are still valuble as stand alone sections if you can't make all 4.

Class 4: Closing the Project

The fourth and final class is not mandatory but highly recommended, and especially for those developers looking to create residual income from maintenance agreements. In this course, we will review how to successfully close out a project and hand over “The Keys” to the client. 

  • Technical Brief

  • Maintenance Contract

  • Monthly Invoicing

  • Routine Audits

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