In independent celebration of Circuit Python Day 2020 Hacker Lab is proud to announce a day full of Demos, Classes and Discussion.

For those of you not in-the-know, Circuit Python is a programming language, based on the popular, powerful, and ubiquitous Python programming language, which is both easy to use and extremely useful.  Python's easy to follow and very readable format means its a fantastic entry point to programming for beginners, while still being powerful and versatile enough for the pros.

Circuit Python bring that same ease and versatility to the world of hardware programming, allowing novices and developers alike to pick up hardware and electronics based programming projects fast.


On Circuit Python Day (rescheduled to 9/24), join Hacker Lab instructor and all-around amazing maker Curtis Soldano for a day of learning, discussion and fun!

We'll start out at 4:30pm with a Circuit Python Demo Session.  This will be a show and tell of Circuit Python, featuring videos and descriptions of some of the devices supporting it, including Circuit Python Express (CPX), CPX Bluefruit, Clue, Trinket, and more.

This stream is an overview and intro to the platform.  We'll overview bootloaders, installing Mu, coding on the devices, libraries, web resources, and introduce some awesome sites for further learning.

Here's the link to our YouTube Livestream

At 5:30pm, Curtis will be hosting an interactive Circuit Python & Circuit Playground Express class via Zoom.  We'll cover how to use Circuit Python with Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express microcontroller platform, as well as a Demo and teardown of a lightning and thunder engine Curtis created as a Halloween decoration.

To sign up for the class following the livestream, click here

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