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Welcome back CARES program members,

In this session, we'll be presenting an overview of what prototyping and manufacturing capabilities Hacker Lab can provide.  The goal is to start your brains thinking about what capabilities exist, and inspire your ideas moving into the rest of the PPE design study.

We'll provide an overview of:
  • What laser cutting is, how it works, and what you can do with it
  • How 3D printers operate, the general workflow for prototyping, and what they're bad at
  • The metalworking & welding capabilities within Hacker Lab, how they can be used, and where to start
  • What woodworking tools are available, and how these tools are useful for other materials as well
  • Did you know we have a photgraphy studio?  Well, now you do.
  • Electronics, our lab, and what equipment we have
  • Jewelry.  The tools are useful for small, precision metalworking, and *may* be useful in ways we haven't thought of.

We'll be running this event twice, once in the morning (10am) and a second session in the evening (6pm) so feel free to attend whichever event fits your schedule better.

We hope to see you there!

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CARES Program Session 2: Overview of Prototyping Capabilities
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