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Welcome CARES program members!

In this fifth session, we'll begin the design thinking process approach to identifying problems related to PPE and issues brought to light during the pandemic.

Typically, Design Thinking workshops last all day, so we're breaking it up over two sessions (Monday and Wednesday) to give enough time.  Even with the two day approach, the session may run a bit long, so I am budgeting 3 hours for each.

If at all possible, please attend using a computer or tablet as opposed to a phone.  We'll be doing some digital-brainstorming activities that involve a digital-whiteboard, and doing this on a phone might be difficult.

Since this workshop is very hands-on, viewing a recording after the fact wont do much good, so please be sure to attend.

Some of you have already begun to think about what problems you'd like to tackle, and that's fantastic!  A few of you have also already begun to form up into groups, which is even better!

If you have an idea in mind but no one to work with, consider hoping on the Hacker Lab Slack Cares Channel (link to join our workspace if you aren't already on).  In addition to this, I'll give a bit of time at the beginning of the session for those with ideas for problems they'd like to tackle to give a short pitch (30sec-1min max) and see if anyone else is interested.

If you've already got a group, please elect one person to be the 'leader', and I'll ask you to send me names via chat during the session to ensure you all get into the correct breakout rooms.

Lastly, because this workshop is spread out over two sessions, and the prototyping process will be ongoing post-workshop (through the rest of the program), please remain consistent with which session (morning vs evening) you attend from here on out.  

We'll be running this event twice, once in the morning (10am) and a second session in the evening (6pm) so feel free to attend whichever event fits your schedule better.

We hope to see you there, and as always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (Nile, you've got my email) or [email protected].

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CARES Program Session 5: Design Thinking Online Workshop Part 1
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