Have a 3D printer but tired of downloading models from the internet? Want to print your own creations but don't know where to start? Signup for this free class to begin your journey into 3D Modeling.

Fusion 360 is a powerful Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) program that is free to hobbyists and can be used to create digital models of almost anything you can think of.. From 2D vector graphics to 3D printed objects, Fusion is an all in one solution for digital makers. At Hacker Lab, Fusion 360 can be used to design files for the laser cutter, Shopbot CNC, and 3D printers.

This tool is a bit different than the typical 3D modeling program in that it fuses aspects of 2D drawing and 3D modeling workflows, making it super powerful yet daunting to first-time users. This class seeks to provide a basic overview of the UI, design tips and tricks for 3D printing and a demonstration/walk through of the entire 3D object design and printing workflow as a starting point for your own learning.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn Fusion 360 for the first time or those already familiar with the tool who want to improve their 3D design skills. Participants will get:

  • An overview of the tool
  • Instructor led training of how to create an object
  • Explanation of exporting the object for 3D printing
  • Discussion of Fusions recent addition of internal slicing functionality and finally printing of the object on my 3D printer live
  • Subject matter like correct orientation, creating shells, revolving, importing STL's, editing STL's, new FDM slicing options and sending your work to a 3D printer will be covered.

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Important Information

  • This class will be held online via Zoom. After signing up, you will receive a personalized Zoom invite via email.
  • While Fusion 360 can be free to many users and is cloud-based, it still requires a hefty download and users to create an Autodesk account/sign up for the appropriate license. To save time during the session, please make sure you have signed up for, downloaded, and installed Fusion 360 prior to the session. Autodesk offers 3 main licensing options, once you sign up for one you will be able to download the program:
  • If at all possible, please attend the Zoom session with both a camera and microphone. While we request that you keep yourself muted when not speaking, we believe that the ability to see and interact with participants is crucial to an effective learning session. No one likes talking to a blank screen.

    About the Instructor

Fusion 360 Basics for 3D Printing
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Cancellation Policy

Please be aware: Most of our one-on-one classes require students to register at least 48 hours ahead of class time, after which they will be marked 'Not available'. Our regular cancellation policy of 48 hours of advance notice also applies.