This class is part of Hacker Lab's IoT series.

Electricity can be mystifying. What is it, how does it work, and what do I need to know to use it?

This online class will cover the basics of electricity for beginners with a focus on getting you up to speed with what you need to build your own small electronics projects, i.e. low-voltage DC applications and projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU, and similar.

Held online via Zoom, this class will cover:

  • What electricity is
  • What a circuit is
  • Current, resistance, voltage, and power
  • Ohm's law & the power equation
  • Simple calculations for your safety and mine
  • Passive components
  • Tips for not blowing up your project
  • Example simple circuits, and how to prototype

We'll be hosting this class online via Zoom, and using TinkerCAD to simulate circuits. If you are already confident with your understanding of the above topics, feel free to skip this course, however subsequent courses in the IoT series will assume a basic familiarity with these topics.

Important Information

  • This class will be held online via Zoom, please join with video and mic enabled.
  • Please be on-time
  • Please create a free account with TinkerCAD (Autodesk accounts work too) at https://www.tinkercad.com ahead of the session.
  • There will be a substantial hands-on component to this course, please be ready to participate.
  • Beginner's welcome!

    About the Instructor

IoT 1: Electronics Basics
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Cancellation Policy

Please be aware: Most of our one-on-one classes require students to register at least 48 hours ahead of class time, after which they will be marked 'Not available'. Our regular cancellation policy of 48 hours of advance notice also applies.