This class is part of Hacker Lab's IoT series, as well as Hacker Lab’s Webdev series.

Whether you’re creating an IoT device, hosting a website, or setting up your grandparents new router, a basic knowledge of computer networking can prove to be an invaluable tool.

Targeted at beginners, this online class aims to cover the basics of computer networking, a high-level overview of the internet and its components, and walk through some examples of interacting with computers on a network.

Held online via Zoom, this class will cover:

  • What a computer network is
  • Why Wifi is not the internet and if you refer to the internet as Wifi why you are a bad person
  • What are IP address, and how they relate to networks & the broader internet
  • How your computer finds other computers
  • What is a server, and what is a web page
  • How to interact with a server and some of its protocols (http, mqtt, ssh, ftp, etc.)
  • RESTful APIs - what they are, and how to use them

Important Information

  • This class will be held online via Zoom, please join with video and mic enabled.
  • Please be on-time.
  • We strongly suggest that you join with a computer/laptop with a large screen and full keyboard, as opposed to a mobile device.
  • There will be a substantial hands-on component to this course, please be ready to participate.
  • Please create a free account at https://replit.com/ (an in-browser coding suite we’ll use to make things easier) prior to attending.
  • This course assumes you’ve got a basic familiarity with computer use - you use one frequently, know how to download and save files, but does not assume you have any advanced knowledge of how computers work.

    About the Instructor

IoT 4 & Webdev 103: Networking & the Internet
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Cancellation Policy

Please be aware: Most of our one-on-one classes require students to register at least 48 hours ahead of class time, after which they will be marked 'Not available'. Our regular cancellation policy of 48 hours of advance notice also applies.