Want to go further with your Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, Cricut, or similar 2D designs? Maybe you've taken the Intro class and want to take it to the next level? Curious how to trace out an image to get a vector or how to fuse shapes together to make new shapes? If so, you should check out this class using the free vector design software Inkscape.

Whether for Graphic & Web Design or a CNC Cutting Machine, vector drawing programs allow users to create beautiful, precise, and ornate vectorized drawings suitable for use online, in-print, or as a design file for a cutting machine.

Join our instructor in covering the basics of vector design using the free software Inkscape.. The concepts covered will expect the student will already have some level of experience with Inkscape or similar software.

We'll cover:

  • A review of Intro concepts
  • Importing Images
  • Creating new vectors
  • Image Tracing
  • Modifying existing vectors and Node Editing
  • Screen object management using groups and layers
  • Boolean functions (Weld, Subtract, Union)

Important Information

  • This class is meant as a part 2 to our beginning 2D vector design class. If you have never used vector design software before we stringly suggest you take 2D Design for Laser & Vinyl Cutting before this class.
  • This class will be held online via Zoom. After signing up, you will receive a personalized Zoom invite via email.
  • To save time during the session, please make sure you have downloaded and installed Inkscape prior to the session. The software is totally free:
  • If at all possible, please attend the Zoom session with both a camera and microphone. While we request that you keep yourself muted when not speaking, we believe that the ability to see and interact with participants is crucial to an effective learning session. No one likes talking to a blank screen.

    About the Instructor

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Cancellation Policy

Please be aware: Most of our one-on-one classes require students to register at least 48 hours ahead of class time, after which they will be marked 'Not available'. Our regular cancellation policy of 48 hours of advance notice also applies.