About This Class

In this class you will learn how to process one roll of 35mm black and white film.

We will be using:

  • Kodak D76 Developer
  • Water Stop Bath
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer
  • Kodak Photoflo

  • Patterson Developing tank and reel
  • Aluminum Developing tank and reel
  • Dark bag

All of the prcesses learned today can be used at home to develop your own film.  I have provided scans from a photography textbook to help illustrate the film developing processes and for your own use later on.

This class will have a follow up class on how to create a darkroom print using a wet gelatin silver process.  However, the negatives made in class today can be scanned using a digital scanner.


About the Instructor

Adam Emelio is a photographer from Sacramento CA. With an emphasis on film photography, Adam shoots for his own personal publications as well as newspapers and websites. He enjoys working in the darkroom and using traditional black and white darkroom process to create imagery. Adam enjoys finding ways to use traditional methods of photography and film processing in todays very digital world.

For those who have taken this class or have questions, feel free to email Adam at: [email protected].

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SAC-100: Black and White Film Developing
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