Take this class to learn the techniques of using studio lighting for photography.  You will learn the different types of strobes, hot lights, reflectors, and materials. We will focus on the ability to create high quality studio product images and all that’s required is a cell phone camera (more advanced camera welcome but not required for the class).

This class is required for members to use the lighting equipment in the Photography Studio!


Class Structure

The class will begin with Studio Safety and set up examining difference between the strobes and hot lights. Building the set and the use of reflectors, props and materials. Various lighting effects, back lighting, rim lighting and flat lighting. Ending with how to put everything away safely. By the end of the class you be familiar with the Sacramento photo studio enough to produce your own quality images.

Additional topics:

  • How to get the most out of your studio time
  • Which lighting to chose and when
  • Developing your studio “kit”

Please bring anything you would especially like to photograph.  Each student will be given time to set up at least one professional quality photo.


How to Prepare / What to Bring?

Students should bring a USB flash drive to class with at least 500mb or more of free storage.

All that is required for the class is a cell phone camera.  If you have a more sophisticated camera, please bring it. And any equipment you would like to use in the studio or have questions about.

Any still object you would like to photograph.


Mark Warmus's photo

About the Instructor

Mark Warmus has a BFA in photography from SFAI and has worked on studio photo shoots for DHL, Safeway, Osh Hardware and a long list of personal and corporate clients and has been published in Wired, Forbes, Public Art Review, The Richardson News a long list of other publications.

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