SAC-200: Intro to Darkroom: Printing Photos from Negatives
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What You'll Learn

Take this class to learn to make prints from already processed negatives. This is it - you've been waiting for this class! We will be covering how to enlarge and print any black and white 35mm or 120mm photograph through gelatin silver print processing. Students need to bring either 35mm or 120mm negatives to class to be printed. If you've got grandpa's old negatives, nows your chance to do something with them!

  • Kodak D76 Developer
  • Water Stop Bath
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer
  • Kodak Photo-Flo
  • Patterson Developing tank and reel
  • Aluminum Developing tank and reel


  • Black and white film developing
  • Darkroom Processing

Important Information

You will leave with a handmade gelatin silver print, and with the knowledge of what the darkroom printing process is. This class is great for beginners, or anyone looking to refresh their memory on darkroom printing and learn the technical aspects of what gelatin silver printing is.

For Hacker Lab members wanting to use the Darkroom, this class is Required.

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