Soil Born Farms and Hacker Lab are teaming up together to offer a fun, innovative technology class for home gardeners.  This class will teach people to use some of the great new electronic devices available for personal use.  You will learn the basics on how to program a WiFi enabled arduino, using simple plug and play coding libraries, to read the data from a moisture or temperature sensor for use in a home garden or greenhouse.  You will also learn to trigger activities with the arduino, such as switching on a watering system using data from the sensors.  Take this fun class to learn the basics on how to create and install your own garden sensor system.

Important Information:

Please be sure to bring your laptop computer with you.  Most of this class will be indoors, in the classroom at Soil Born Farms.  Please plan to get there a couple minutes early, in case there is any setup you need to participate in.

Please sign up in advance, low signups may cause cancellation or rescheduling.