The April meeting of the Sacramento Latino Community Roundtable will be held on Sunday, April 14th at the Sacramento Hacker Lab, 2533 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95816. (The entrance is on 26th Street, at R Street.) The committee will report back to the main body recommendations to improve the organization. Guest Speaker: Gina Lujan, Executive Director of the Hacker Lab.

At the April meeting, the committee charged with developing recommendations to improve the structure of the organization will present the recommendations. The recommendations will be voted on in a democratic process. The committee's recommendation is to create a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with elected officers. If the recommendation to have elected officers is accepted, elections will be held at the May monthly meeting. Organizations, individuals, and businesses would be welcomed to join as members. To be decided at the meeting: the amount for annual membership fees. Once the work of the committee is done, my work is done as co-chair of the committee. I currently serve on two Boards, and do not have the time to add a third.