If you’re interested in learning how to make jewelry and have experience working with different types of metal, this class is for you. This class allows students to develop on their soldering skills with more advanced techniques. In this class, you’ll learn intermediate techniques on how to melt different types of metal, solder different types of metal, as well as learn about heat, tools, and the properties of different metals. You’ll leave the class with a piece of your own handcrafted jewelry.

The next class in this lineup is: Stone Setting Project Class 201

It is recommended that you take Intro to Soldering for Jewelry 102 or have had equivalent experience soldering for jewelry.

  • Metalwork & Forming Techniques
  • Practice Fusing Metals
  • Metal Properties

Equipment Covered

  • Jewelry Studio

Important Information

All tools and materials will be provided for this class. However if you have and would like to bring a jeweler's saw or any other jewelry making tools please feel free.

Prerequisites (Classes you must take before this): Beginning Soldering for Jewelry, Metalworking for Jewelry

Recommended (Classes we recommend you take before this or have some prior experience with): none.

Next class (What you can take after this): Jewelry Workbench Open Studio

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CANCELLED: Intermediate Soldering for Jewelry - SACJWL005
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