The wood lathe is an amazing tool designed to help you carve railings, chair and table legs, and other intricate wooden pieces.

This class is a two hour safety and tool use class designed to get you up to speed quickly and is part of our Makerspace Training.

It is a required class for anyone wishing to use the Wood Lathe in the Woodshop at the Sacramento HackerLab.

We'll Cover:

  • Wood Lathe Safety
  • Wood Lathe Operation

Equipment Covered

  • Grizzly Wood Lathe

Important Information

Please make sure to sign our general release of liability agreement before class

At the teacher consideration, classes with 2 or fewer students signed up may be cancelled and students asked to re-enroll in the next class.

Clothing: Please be sure to wear clothing appropriate to the shop: Long hair tied back or in a cap, long pants, and closed toed shoes required.

    About the Instructor

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CANCELLED: Wood Turning with the Lathe - SACWOD003
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