This course focuses on lighting skills for products & still-life photography, with a goal of helping you learn the studio lighting tools available to members at the Hacker Lab. Bring a product or object and if time allows, the instructor will explore options for photographing your object. This will be part lecture, demonstration, and if time allows you can photography something you bring.

We'll Cover:

  • Lighting & Camera Concepts
  • Strobes vs. continuous tone lights
  • Hard Light vs Soft Light
  • Controlling shadows and contrast
  • The importance of the direction of light
  • Exposure techniques for photographing studio products
  • Lens choices for photographing products
  • Product Lighting
  • Lighting to Enhance Shape, Form and Texture
  • Lighting Metal and Glass objects

Equipment Covered

  • Photography Studio - SAC

Important Information

What to Bring:

No camera required, but you may bring one if you desire. You may also bring a product or object that you wish to learn to light and photograph.

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Product & Still-life Studio Lighting - SACPVA003
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