This class targets the safety and basic use of Hacker Lab's 3D printers, and is required prior to using the TAZ, Ultimaker, or Monoprice printers.

Ideal for rapid prototyping, art, and one-off designs, 3D printing has widely grown from a technique only available to large corporations, to being an essential tool for innovative companies and DiYers alike.

This course teaches the toolchain for printing a 3D model, as well as a subset of the various parameters available to you. Please note however, this class does not cover 3D CAD or Modeling itself, but it will cover the slicer program Cura.

We'll Cover:

  • Online services for 3D printing
  • Available CAD training
  • Use of the Cura slicing program for gcode creation
  • Operation of the Ultimaker 2
  • Minor setup and maintenance
  • Use of the Monoprice 3D printers
  • Use of the Tazbot 6 3D printers
  • Leveling the bed
  • The SD card and menu
  • Launching a print
  • Watching for errors
  • Removing your print
  • Unclogging the extruder

Equipment Covered

  • Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer
  • MP Select Mini 3D Printer - SAC
  • Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer - SAC

Important Information

This class is required to use the Ultimaker2+, Tazbot 6, and MonoPrice 3D printers in either our Sacramento or Rocklin locations. There are no recommended prerequisites for the class, however familiarity with 3D modelling software would be helpful for future use of the 3D Printers.

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