How to setup a basic website for you small business, passion project or personal blog.

In this class we will review all of the popular options (i.e. Squarespace site builder, Wordpress with Theme or Site Builder, Wix, Shopify, etc.) for quickly setting up a basic website with ZERO coding experience. This class is perfect for the entrepreneur working on their next passion project, the Sole Proprietor who needs a business website, the hobbyist looking to start a blog or that person wanting to build a resume site to really shine in the interview process! We’ll also cover setting up that coveted custom branded email address to make you look super professional!

We'll Cover:
  • 101 Class Tentative Outline: Introduction (about myself and Nye-Zik Creative)
  • Website, Domain and Hosting Overview
  • Branded Email Address with Email Server Provider Options
  • DIY Website Options (ZERO Coding/Least Technical Options) with compare/contrast
  • Setting up Contact Forms (helps generate leads from your site)
  • Setting up SSL/Testing to see if you have SSL and why it’s important
  • Setting up analytics and understanding how to review your website traffic
  • Organize and safely store passwords
  • Creating a Technical Website Brief and why it’s important
  • Preventative Maintenance (ways to stay on top of your site’s maintenance)
  • Hands on Workshop (lets register your domain, setup your hosting/site builder and setup an email account)

    About the Instructor

Websites Basics for Business:  Domains, Designs, & Payment Processing  with Beginner-Friendly Tools
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