What we say, how we say it, and the motivation behind our words are all imperative to our success in getting what we want. As creatives we often become filled with our love of creating, and expressing ourselves with words can become secondary. When we learn the importance of becoming an effective communicator, we save our precious energy and copious amounts of time. Feeling the zing of excitement when we articulate ourselves clearly and lift those around us as is a rewarding feeling worthy of pursuit.

This class will cover 7 simple & easy to learn tips you can add to your your communication toolkit. These tips can amplify your effectiveness and will cut out wasted time and energy often brought on by lackluster communication.

This class consists of a lecture portion with slides and time for personal application.

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  • This class will be held online via Zoom. After signing up, you will receive a personalized Zoom invite via email.
  • The class works best with interactive student participation - please attend the Zoom session with a Microphone and Webcam enabled.

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7 Badass Communications Tips for Creatives
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