Interested in making your own electronics projects but tired of accidentally pulling out jumper wires? Learn to solder!

This beginner friendly class is designed to cover the basics of through-hole soldering, using solder wick, solder suckers, and common/best practices.

This is a hands on class. Students will be learning to solder on a small practice board, however what that is may vary.

We'll Cover:

  • Basic Safety
  • What is soldering, and why it's an important skill that goes into many of the products on the market today
  • How to Solder correctly, and how to to fix your mistakes

Equipment Covered

  • Soldering Iron - Metcal MX-500P
  • Soldering Iron - Hako 936

Important Information

This is a hands-on class, please dress appropriately.

Family Friendly: While this class is targeted primarily to adults, children ages 12 and older are invited to attend with parent/guardian supervision (adult and child will work together on the project).

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Soldering for Electronics - SACELE001
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