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In this class we will review all of the popular options (i.e. Squarespace, Wordpress) for quickly setting up a basic website with ZERO coding experience. This class is perfect for the entrepreneur working on their next passion project, the Sole Proprietor who needs a business website, the hobbyist looking to start a blog or that person wanting to build a resume site to really shine in the interview process! We’ll also cover setting up that coveted custom branded email address to make you look super professional!

Important information

  • This class will be held on the Zoom web conferencing platform. You will receive an invite link as part of your ticket confirmation.
  • The class works best with interactive student participation - please attend the Zoom session with a Microphone and Webcam enabled.
  • This course is being offered as a partnership between SETA and Hacker Lab Sacramento.

    About the Instructor

Entrepreneurship 104: Websites
Online Event 2533 R Street Suite 120 Sacramento, CA 95816 Mappa
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