The MarkTwo printer allows you to embed a continuous strand of high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight carbon fiber filament in a super strong matrix material called Onyx. Onyx is a proprietary mixture that contains chopped carbon fiber and it is 1.4 times stronger than ABS. Together carbon fiber filament and Onyx matrix parts approach the strength of aluminum!

    This class will cover everything you need to know from “how to install the software” to “how to remove the carbon fiber part from print print bed” and is intended to prepare Hacker Lab members to use the Mark Two 3D Printer. We'll cover the Eiger.io slicing program and its components, including how to view and optimize your print layer
  • by-layer. We will talk about where and how to embed the carbon fiber filament and how to print the Onyx matrix. We'll also cover how to automatically pause printing so mechanical parts such as bearings, bushings, and threaded components can be embedded in your 3D part. Finally, we'll cover how to make super strong carbon fiber 3D prints while only paying for the carbon fiber and onyx that you actually use.

Equipment Covered

  • Markforged Mark Two - Carbon Fiber Inlay 3D Printer

Important Information

Students are required to take Intro to 3D Printing prior to taking this class, Industrial Strength 3D Printing with the Markforged. Familiarity with 3D modelling software would be helpful for future use of the Markforged and other 3D printers. This is not a class for beginners.

Rules for using the Mark Two printer:

(1) John Sonderegger must be present,

(2) you must pay for your materials before pressing Print, and

(3) you must have taken this class.

There must be at least 2 students in the class or it will be rescheduled.

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Using the Markforged Industrial 3D Printer - SACCNC004
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