Speed Your Path to Profitability

How would you like to avoid the #1 problem that makes startups fail? It’s not running out of money. That’s a result, not a cause.

Startups fail primarily because they don’t identify a real market need. They have a product that no one buys.

Seems pretty elementary. So how come this mistake is so common? It’s hard work to avoid it. But it can be done. Do the work upfront and you can save enormous amounts of time and money poorly spent, trying to convince people they need what you have—rather than listening to what they would value.

Come join our 2-hour class on Customer Discovery and Product-Market Fit. Hear from the leading expert on the subject—Steve Blank from Stanford—by video. Participate in the discussion led by Gary Simon, trained in the Steve Blank techniques through the NSF Innovation Corps.

The course is free, but a voluntary donation of $20 is encouraged and will help us continue to provide high-value workshops.

Cleantech presents: Customer Discovery and Product-Market Fit Workshop
Hacker Lab Sacramento 2533 R St #120, Sacramento, CA 95816 Mapa

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